Several readers have asked where they can go to learn how to make the utterly amazing gelatinas they have seen in Mexico, like this captured in time cake, glorious flowers, elaborate watches, much else.  The one below is just a little 50c one I bought on the street in Guanajuato.

Go for it, I urge,  this is in the great tradition of gorgeous 18th century desserts.  Learn more about glorious desserts that model houses or flowers or sculptures on Ivan Day’s website.

Well, Lourdes Reyes, whose cake is pictured above, wrote me.  She teaches in Mexico and in the United States.   Here is the link to her website for classes in 3-D gelatina and much else.

Since I have never taken the classes, I can’t vouch for them.  But since I have browsed the website, I can vouch for some stunning results.

And, just to add another word since there seem to be lots of visitors to this post.  Mexican gelatina can be quite delicious.  It is often made with fresh juice, real wine or liqueurs, milk, cream, yogurt.  Wonderful stuff.

Update 3 June 2010

I had the following nice note from Ofelia Audrey.

Dear Rachel, wrote Ofelia Audry, I’m an honorary chef for over 50 years and learned the art of nuns in convents gelatin in Mexico, I have improved and won international awards. I am available if I write I can send photos of my work and also travel to where I needed.
Ofelia Audry

In fact, I had posted about Ofelia Audrey’s decorative pastry work some time ago.

Published December 5, 2008 by Rachel Laudan Edit

In Mexico, gelatina remains, as it should, a fine art.  Just look at the photos.  So it’s good to see this recognized in the US and internationally.

And here’s more about Ofelia Audry, the leading expert on decorative culinary work in Mexico.  It’s in Spanish but the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks to Joe Pastry for the initial link.

Unfortunately the second link no longer works. If anyone is interested, her email is

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