Now for another citrus agua, agua de lima. You’re probably not going to be able to make in many parts of the world because I have never seen limas outside Mexico. But before you cluck your tongue and dismiss it out of hand, wait a second because it adds a new touch to ways of dealing with citrus. (And, remember, I can’t make lemonade here in Mexico because you hardly ever see lemons, so we’re even).

Here’s a lima. It’s distinguished by that little nipple on the end away from the stem.

This lima, just turning a lovely ripe yellow, is in a pot on my patio. Lucky you can’t see the spotted leaves that are a giveaway that’s it’s crying out for some kind of attention. Although they can be found across Mexico, limas are a specialty of Silao just a dozen miles from Guanajuato.

You can make an agua of just the juice if you like. It has to be said, however, that the juice of the lima is one of the less interesting citrus juices.

So instead try this, a very common way of making agua de lima.

Just chop the lima up into medium sized pieces, put them in the blender peel and all, add water to cover, and give them a really good whirl.

Sieve the puree, add sugar to taste, and fill up with water. It will look, but not taste, a bit milky. This is an agua from five limas.

This is one of my favorite aguas (have I said that before?). It’s distinctly bitter and very refreshing.

And using peel is something to consider with other citrus drinks. My mother always made hot lemonade when we had colds and included a good bit of the peel with all those oils. Wonderful for cheering you up, if not for curing you. For adults add a knob of butter for the throat and a slug of whatever alcohol you have on hand and you will sleep like a baby for hours. But that’s hardly an agua fresca so I digress.

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