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Food History

Farming or Gardening? What’s the Difference?

On Sunday 16th April, the Austin American-Statesman, our local paper, featured a story on an ex-banker who has converted “what was once grass into farmland,” describing how on half an acre (half a football field) she has grown 195 types… Continue Reading →

The Food System (Ways of Talking about Food 2)

The term “food system” sounds comfortingly familiar and understandable. System, in the sense of interacting parts, has been used for a long time. Sixteenth-century astronomers talked about systems of the heavens, eighteenth-century natural philosophers about systems of the earth, twentieth-century… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why Fish Has Been So Suspect as Food

Following up on my kipper post, I want to turn to questions I’ve been asked about fish, particularly about why the Irish could not substitute fish for potatoes during the Famine. Rather than answer that directly, it’s worth remembering that… Continue Reading →

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