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Victoria and Goliad, Texas in the Eye of Hurricane Harvey

Goliad and Victoria, Texas are just about where the eye of Hurricane Harvey is hitting.  Just over two years ago I took a trip down to the city of Victoria and Goliad, one of Mexico’s northern outposts, now part of the US, just a few miles from Victoria. It’s an area at the junction of Spanish, French and American Empires, where what is indigenous or Mexican or whatever else depends, depends, depends, and has so often been more than difficult. This is just a very, very hasty set of photos to give you an idea of what the hurricane is hitting.  I have not taken the time to groom the captions or the images.

But think of the people there tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Victoria and Goliad, Texas in the Eye of Hurricane Harvey

  1. waltzingaustralia

    It doesn’t seem appropriate to click “like” — because I don’t like. Historic buildings are sad to lose, but sadder still is the impact on people’s lives. While many are already inconvenienced, praying that the outcome is not deadly.

  2. waltzingaustralia

    (Which in no way is meant to imply that you cared more about the place than the people. Just to say that, even though I’ve never been to that part of Texas and have no emotional connection to the place, I can still be sad, because I know what it is like for the people there — having been through a hurricane myself. Terrifying.)

    1. Rachel Laudan Post author

      Thanks, Cynthia. Looks as if the winds were not as destructive as they might have been, so hoping now that the same will be true of the flooding.

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