Not enough food in the castle?  What’s to be done?

A friend sent me a link to a mashable discussion of food shortages as threats to whole communities in Game of Thrones.

(I have to admit I have not followed Game of Thrones, so I’m flying blind and writing in haste as I’m preparing for a trip tomorrow. And my media uploader is not working so no images).


Bottom line

Every adult would have needed 2lbs of grain (wheat or more likely oats or barley in the north) every day.

Grain is the only thing you can rely on in a siege–dry, compact, storable, nutritious.

A bushel, which is a volume measure about the size of a medium wastebasket, contains about 60 lbs of grain (bushels and grains vary so we are talking rule of thumb here).

So a bushel of grain will feed one person for 30 days or one month.

5 bushels are needed to feed one person for the five months of winter.

The castle (Winterfell) has only 4000 bushels of grain, Sansa learns from Maester Wolkan in Episode 3.

If the granary had not been replenished, the castle could have fed 800 people for the winter.

The population of the castle cum town is, I learn, something of the order of a few thousands in summer, 14,000 in winter.


Someone needs to held accountable.


Calories per acre matter, granaries matter, grains matter.



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