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Salt and Sugar: Industrial is Best

Pre-industrial sugar as tantamount to cannibalism. Barbarities in the West Indies by James Gillray. Reproduced in Mike Rendell’s blog, Georgian Gentlemen.

It’s always a pleasure to be interviewed, particularly by someone like Jeremy Cherfas, who has a very nifty and intelligent podcast called Eat This.

After I posted on Salt, Sugar and Fossil Fuels, he invited me to chat about why I thought industrial salt and sugar were a great step forward.

We never got on to the third plank of my argument, namely that industrial salt and sugar were actually better for most culinary purposes.  And I don’t think I convinced Jeremy that the abundance created by industrial salt and sugar was a good thing.  So I’ll have to work on that (oh, and on too many ums in my replies too).


Anyway, thanks, Jeremy.

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3 thoughts on “Salt and Sugar: Industrial is Best

  1. Jeremy Cherfas

    To be honest, you did mention that white sugar was best for cakes and baking, but I had to cut that out. And don’t worry about the ums; everyone hears their own with acuity.

    Thanks for being such a good guest.

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