Turkey Eggs in San Angel Market

A few weeks ago when I was blogging for eGullet I remarked on how puzzled I was to see a basket of turkey eggs in a herbalist stall in the wonderful San Angel Market in the south of the city. Well, thanks to my friend Ruth Alegria, all is now clear.

She turned the matter over to her cleaning lady, Carmen, who was amused at our ignorance. They are on that stall because they are used for limpiezas (ritual cleanings of someone who has some mal). After they have done the job, they are smashed to the floor or burnt.

Again according to Carmen, turkeys lay only three times a year and then only about a dozen to eighteen eggs. Most go to produce more turkeys, more valuable than the eggs.

If there are any extras they are sold to the herbalist.

Yes they can be eaten too in the same way as chicken eggs but the taste is stronger.

Now we have to pursue why turkey eggs are preferred for limpiezas.

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