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Notes and Queries: Dishwasher (Human), Anglo-Saxon Spelt, Shave Ice, Plantain Recipes, Cricket Flour, and San Pascual.

  Local, dishwasher, anger, containers, hands and more essays by Peter Hertzmann.  Fresh ideas, tight writing, three cheers and more. Enjoy the rest of his site too. When the Romans left Britain, did the Anglo-Saxons reject spelt wheat in favor… Continue Reading →

Molli Chamoy Sauce: Go Figure

  Sometimes in a recipe, or a menu, or a store, I run across something that makes me chuckle with glee because it is so telling. That happened last week when I was shopping in Central Market, one of the… Continue Reading →

Dining with the Dead

Every year I enjoy the Day of the Dead but can’t help feeling slightly tetchy about some of the widely-held assumptions about it. I have very happy memories of families going to the graveyard with their flowers and their food… Continue Reading →

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