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How to Buy a Metate (Simple Grindstone) in the United States

The question readers of my blog ask most frequently is “Where in the United States can I buy a metate (the shaped stone slabs on which Mexican women traditionally ground maize and other foodstuffs)?” Or, to be picky, the grindstone… Continue Reading →

Grinding, Metates and Sex

Did I mention that  backbreaking labor was not the only burden borne by women who ground in Mexico? Now this gem (thanks to Michael Coon and Tacopedia on FB)   Buena para el petate, pero mala para el metate” ¡Quien… Continue Reading →

How Long did Traditional Mexican Grinding Take?

Heike Vibrans asks a number of good questions about my earlier post on the human energy required to grind maize the traditional Mexican way before the appearance of mills beginning in the 1920s  but still not in remote villages in… Continue Reading →

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