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Do Emigrants Create National (or Regional) Cuisines?

I think in some cases emigrants do create national or regional cuisines. They create them in their new countries. And then they introduce them to their home countries. Not always, of course.  But this pattern of back migration is one… Continue Reading →

Canelons for St Stephen’s Day, December 26th, in Catalonia

Well, if the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia can tweet my 2012 piece on this “traditional” dish (albeit with the caveat that retweets are not endorsements),  I reckon I can re-post it. Let me say this is not just a… Continue Reading →

World Food History: Six Food Histories I Found Essential

I love lists of good books, especially if they refrain from inflated claims about being the best books. There are so many good books out there, they are so diverse, that specifying any subset as best always seems just ridiculous…. Continue Reading →

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