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Classes, Curry Stones, Borlaug, War Photos, and Cornish Pasties

Historical Cooking Classes Anne Bramley of Eat Feed is offering historical cooking classes, on line I think. You’ll get not just recipes (duh) but the whole cultural background. A great opportunity if you are interested particularly in her specialty, early… Continue Reading →

Who Farms, Who Processes? Men or Women?

In my earlier post I suggested that traditionally farming was men’s work and post-harvest processing women’s work. That may be the general pattern.  There are lots of exceptions though. Women do a whole lot of farming, including the staples in… Continue Reading →

How Long did Traditional Mexican Grinding Take?

Heike Vibrans asks a number of good questions about my earlier post on the human energy required to grind maize the traditional Mexican way before the appearance of mills beginning in the 1920s  but still not in remote villages in… Continue Reading →

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