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The Art of Making Bread in the Stone Age

I thought it was about time I had a new header more appropriate for a historian.  And since I enjoy collecting and dissecting pictures of people grinding grains, I’ve put up this engraving entitled “L’art du fair pain à l’âge… Continue Reading →

Classes, Curry Stones, Borlaug, War Photos, and Cornish Pasties

Historical Cooking Classes Anne Bramley of Eat Feed is offering historical cooking classes, on line I think. You’ll get not just recipes (duh) but the whole cultural background. A great opportunity if you are interested particularly in her specialty, early… Continue Reading →

Who Farms, Who Processes? Men or Women?

In my earlier post I suggested that traditionally farming was men’s work and post-harvest processing women’s work. That may be the general pattern.  There are lots of exceptions though. Women do a whole lot of farming, including the staples in… Continue Reading →

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