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Charmingly Unromantic: Measuring Progress in Food

One of the things a food historians should do, it seems to me, is to offer readers some assessment or judgement of the foods of the past. Yes, yes, I know that’s not a particularly popular view, ¬†particularly if you… Continue Reading →

Cattle as Food Processors

A thought-provoking post from Jayson Lusk on the common and on-the-face-of-it plausible claim that grain-eating uses far fewer resources/much less energy than meat-eating. ¬†His counter: I suspect only a very tiny fraction of the world’s caloric consumption comes from directly… Continue Reading →

Spinning, Grinding, and Social Change

I’ve long thought that I should read more about the history of clothing. It parallels the history of food in so many ways. The raw materials for cloth (flax, cotton, wool, silk) have to be harvested, just as grains, meat,… Continue Reading →

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