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How to Buy a Metate (Simple Grindstone) in the United States

The question readers of my blog ask most frequently is “Where in the United States can I buy a metate (the shaped stone slabs on which Mexican women traditionally ground maize and other foodstuffs)?” Or, to be picky, the grindstone… Continue Reading →

Charmingly Unromantic: Measuring Progress in Food

One of the things a food historians should do, it seems to me, is to offer readers some assessment or judgement of the foods of the past. Yes, yes, I know that’s not a particularly popular view, ¬†particularly if you… Continue Reading →

Cattle as Food Processors

A thought-provoking post from Jayson Lusk on the common and on-the-face-of-it plausible claim that grain-eating uses far fewer resources/much less energy than meat-eating. ¬†His counter: I suspect only a very tiny fraction of the world’s caloric consumption comes from directly… Continue Reading →

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