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10 Reasons Why Fish Has Been So Suspect as Food

Following up on my kipper post, I want to turn to questions I’ve been asked about fish, particularly about why the Irish could not substitute fish for potatoes during the Famine. Rather than answer that directly, it’s worth remembering that… Continue Reading →

A Kipper for Breakfast

You might not know it from this blog, but I love cooking and eating as well as thinking about cooking and eating. To prove that I am not totally cerebral about food, and to preface a post I am preparing… Continue Reading →

Bacalao for Mexican Christmas Dinner: A Fishy Tale

Edit.  I had planned this as a happy Christmas post. I had no idea that as I poked about in the world of bacalao I would find the fishy underside that I talk about at the end.  It left me… Continue Reading →

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