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Why did our ancestors prefer white bread to wholegrains?

A couple of days ago, a reader contacted me to ask me to clarify my post on why our ancestors preferred white bread. I checked the post. It’s been consistently¬†one of my most popular. And it was written in 2011…. Continue Reading →

My Great Grandmother’s Industrially Processed Food

Warnings not to eat anything your grandmother (or great grandmother or great-great grandmother) would not recognize as food have echoed around the web since Michael Pollan first promoted this rule of eating. Pollan could have assigned a date to the… Continue Reading →

Five Things I Learned at Texas Foodways

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the annual Texas Foodways conference, this time in San Antonio, a city I can’t wait to explore further. ¬†For an excellent summary of what went on, see the run… Continue Reading →

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