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Coming to Terms with the Twinkie

A couple of years ago, the media was abuzz with the news that the venerable American industrial snack cake business,┬áHostess, might meet its demise, and with it the Twinkie, a cream-filled sponge roll. I’ve never eaten a Twinkie or a… Continue Reading →

Food and Back Migration: The Cornish Pasty Plot Thickens

When people move to a new country what changes do they make in their cuisine? And if they move back to their homeland, do they introduce the changed cuisine? Since so much culinary change comes from transfers of ideas, techniques… Continue Reading →

Puzzles about the family farm

On his blog Applied Mythology, Steve Savage has a nice post on farmers in the US and Canada, with graphs showing how their numbers have dwindled and how efficient they are. ┬áThen he continues: Whether the farmer I visited took… Continue Reading →

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