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Restaurants and White Supremacy

Reflecting on recent events, Tunde Wey, raised in Lagos, Nigeria and now working as a chef and writer in New Orleans, has a piece out that takes as its focus award-winning restaurants.  What I understand to be the gist of… Continue Reading →

The Science behind Horchata

  I’ve posted a good bit about the huge family of drinks that go under the name horchata. Hence I was delighted when long-term Facebook friend, Stanford Chiou, put me on to this piece on the science of horchatas by… Continue Reading →

Creating Flavor in the Home Kitchen: A Quick Historical Overview of the Last Half Century

Since today is the official publication date of The Art of Flavor by Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel, which I have already written about here, it seemed a good moment to put down some thoughts about what home cooks have been told… Continue Reading →

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