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Mexican Food

Mexican Gold

At this time of year, Mexico turns golden. The banks along the highway across the high, dry country north from Mexico City and Querétaro glow with marigolds, Mexican marigolds, members of the Tagetes family, not the European marigolds, which are… Continue Reading →

So You’ve Settled Some Land, Now How Do You Make A Go Of It? Lampasas and San Saba, Texas

I’ve moved around a lot in my life.  After a couple of years in a new place learning the basics, I get the urge to explore around, to fill in what seem like blank spaces lacking history, lacking interest.  That’s… Continue Reading →

The Science behind Horchata

  I’ve posted a good bit about the huge family of drinks that go under the name horchata. Hence I was delighted when long-term Facebook friend, Stanford Chiou, put me on to this piece on the science of horchatas by… Continue Reading →

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