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Globalization Then and Now

From Moorish Chicken to Mestizo Chicken

For years I have been playing around with the Islamic contribution to Mexican cuisine.  I was reminded of that during the last couple of days when Carolyn Nadeau spoke at the Invention of Food Conference put on by the Institute… Continue Reading →

My 2016 Books on Food History and Politics

Some time ago, I read a blog post, I think by the expert on Vietnamese food Andrea Nguyen, which simply listed the cookbooks her friends had published that year. I thought it an excellent idea.  The “ten best” lists that… Continue Reading →

The Celebrity Cooks of the First Years of Television

Over the last month, with the help of many, many colleagues, I have been collecting brief biographies, u-tube videos, and books published by the women who achieved celebrity status in early television cooking shows around the world.  Take a look… Continue Reading →

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