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Before the Pot, Before the Basket . . . the Gourd

It’s all very well to talk about how the use of fire changed the course of human evolution but then in the deep past, as now, standing in front of the fire is just part of cooking. Lots of other… Continue Reading →

So What is a Kitchen?

“What is a kitchen?” sounds like an easy question to answer, right?  A kitchen is a room where you cook. Well, in fact, like everything, the history of food preparation and the places in which it was carried out has… Continue Reading →

No, Cooking Isn’t Easy. 6 Reasons Why

“So, why does it matter that recipes marketed as easy often aren’t? A few years ago, I would have interpreted it as a harmless pretense—maybe even a good deed—to nudge people with the lure of simplicity toward cooking for themselves…. Continue Reading →

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