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Food Politics

Farming or Gardening? What’s the Difference?

On Sunday 16th April, the Austin American-Statesman, our local paper, featured a story on an ex-banker who has converted “what was once grass into farmland,” describing how on half an acre (half a football field) she has grown 195 types… Continue Reading →

I’m a Happy Food Waster

  Food waste is so often presented in moral terms. It’s bad, even a sin, to waste food. This is a terrible way to frame the issue. Waste versus non-waste is not bad versus good. ┬áIt’s a decision about what… Continue Reading →

The Food System (Ways of Talking about Food 2)

The term “food system” sounds comfortingly familiar and understandable. System, in the sense of interacting parts, has been used for a long time. Sixteenth-century astronomers talked about systems of the heavens, eighteenth-century natural philosophers about systems of the earth, twentieth-century… Continue Reading →

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