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Food Politics

The Game of Thrones, The Store of Grain, and the Fate of Planet Earth

  Not enough food in the castle?  What’s to be done? A friend sent me a link to a mashable discussion of food shortages as threats to whole communities in Game of Thrones. (I have to admit I have not… Continue Reading →

Other People’s Food: Owning Food

“We feel and act about certain things that are ours very much as we feel and act about ourselves.  Our fame, our children, the work of our hands, may be as dear to us as our bodies, and arouse the… Continue Reading →

Other People’s Food: No Thank You!

Thanks for the many comments on my last blog post, both on the blog and on social media.  It’s wonderful to have so many ideas, perspectives, facts, and anecdotes, many of which I hope to incorporate (with attribution of course) in… Continue Reading →

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