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Why did our ancestors prefer white bread to wholegrains?

A couple of days ago, a reader contacted me to ask me to clarify my post on why our ancestors preferred white bread. I checked the post. It’s been consistently one of my most popular. And it was written in 2011…. Continue Reading →

What Would An Answer to the Question “Why Is American Food So Pervasively Sweet?” Look Like?

  So many commented on my last post on “Why is American Cuisine so Pervasively Sweet?” whether on my site, on Facebook, or on Twitter that I can’t possibly reply individually.  So here’s a composite response.  It’s not in any… Continue Reading →

Coming to Terms with the Twinkie

A couple of years ago, the media was abuzz with the news that the venerable American industrial snack cake business, Hostess, might meet its demise, and with it the Twinkie, a cream-filled sponge roll. I’ve never eaten a Twinkie or a… Continue Reading →

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