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“Plain and Simple:” The Ideal Diet for a Child According to John Locke

“As for [the child’s] diet, it ought to be very plain and simple,” said the philosopher and political theorist John Locke in 1693 in his Thoughts Concerning Education. Bread, bread, gruel, and barely alcoholic small beer, basically. The Thoughts Concerning… Continue Reading →

What’s the True History of Pizza? Consider Argentina

Yes, the title of this post does verge on clickbait.  In the popular imagination and in a large number of articles and books, the history of pizza is located firmly in Italy, and within Italy in Naples. And if not… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “This Tiny Little Country Feeds the World.”

“This tiny little country feeds the world” is the title of an article in the September 2017 issue of National Geographic.Fascinating and highly recommended. Reader beware, though! “Feeding the world” in popular speech means producing enough agricultural products to feed… Continue Reading →

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