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Thoughts on “This Tiny Little Country Feeds the World.”

“This tiny little country feeds the world” is the title of an article in the September 2017 issue of National Geographic.Fascinating and highly recommended. Reader beware, though! “Feeding the world” in popular speech means producing enough agricultural products to feed… Continue Reading →

The Game of Thrones, The Store of Grain, and the Fate of Planet Earth

  Not enough food in the castle? ¬†What’s to be done? A friend sent me a link to a mashable discussion of food shortages as threats to whole communities in Game of Thrones. (I have to admit I have not… Continue Reading →

Why did our ancestors prefer white bread to wholegrains?

A couple of days ago, a reader contacted me to ask me to clarify my post on why our ancestors preferred white bread. I checked the post. It’s been consistently¬†one of my most popular. And it was written in 2011…. Continue Reading →

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