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When is an Easter Bunny not a Bunny? When It’s a Hare

Just before Easter, year after year, pictures of “bunnies” start cropping up on the web.The trouble is many, perhaps most of these images do not show bunnies (rabbits) but hares. Both rabbits and hares (sometimes called jack rabbits in the… Continue Reading →

A Kipper for Breakfast

You might not know it from this blog, but I love cooking and eating as well as thinking about cooking and eating. To prove that I am not totally cerebral about food, and to preface a post I am preparing… Continue Reading →

My Attempt to Understand Irish Food History 1: Country House Cuisine

“Visiting Ireland . . .  is complex,” said John Mulcahey of Fáilte Ireland (the National Tourist Development Authority) during his paper on food and Irish tourism at the Third Dublin Gastronomy Symposium that took place at the beginning of June… Continue Reading →

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