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How to Buy a Metate (Simple Grindstone) in the United States

The question readers of my blog ask most frequently is “Where in the United States can I buy a metate (the shaped stone slabs on which Mexican women traditionally ground maize and other foodstuffs)?” Or, to be picky, the grindstone… Continue Reading →

From Moorish Chicken to Mestizo Chicken

For years I have been playing around with the Islamic contribution to Mexican cuisine.  I was reminded of that during the last couple of days when Carolyn Nadeau spoke at the Invention of Food Conference put on by the Institute… Continue Reading →

A Chicken in Every Back Yard. Really?

The city of Austin is going to help everyone to have a chicken (or several) in their own back yard.  Just sign up for chicken raising classes (free from the city), buy a coop, and get a $75 rebate. The… Continue Reading →

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