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Rachel Laudan

A Baker’s Dozen of Food History Blogs

Browsing what popped up in my Feedly (love Feedly) this weekend, I was struck by the number of great blogs out there either dedicated to food history or covering food history from time to time. I thought I would share… Continue Reading →

Before the Pot, Before the Basket . . . the Gourd

It’s all very well to talk about how the use of fire changed the course of human evolution but then in the deep past, as now, standing in front of the fire is just part of cooking. Lots of other… Continue Reading →

“Plain and Simple:” The Ideal Diet for a Child According to John Locke

“As for [the child’s] diet, it ought to be very plain and simple,” said the philosopher and political theorist John Locke in 1693 in his Thoughts Concerning Education. Bread, bread, gruel, and barely alcoholic small beer, basically. The Thoughts Concerning… Continue Reading →

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