I just love my friend Nathalie Jordi’s riposte to a recent article in the NY Times by Adam Davidson in which he rather timidly suggests that many start-up artisan food businesses are capitalist enterprises in the making.  The co-owner of People’s Pops has had it with the standoff between small, local and virtuous and large, corporate and evil.

Here’s her key quote.

When Davidson says, “It would break their heart to be called model 21st-century capitalists,” he’s wrong. To us, there is no higher compliment. To be able to lift our business out of the artisanal ghetto into the realm of consequence, resonance and profitability is a dream that, with much hard work, is slowly coming true. via people’s pops: 21st Century Capitalists, and Proud.

Then she checks off the points:

Great sourcing. Yes. Quality ingredients are key.

Bigger. Yes.  That means more jobs.

More technology. Yes. That saves the misery of pitting thousands of cherries.

The result. Great popsicles.

Go, Nathalie.



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