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Requests for help

I’ve had a couple of these from friends and readers.

First, from someone very important in my life, Wanda Adams who has worked for the Honolulu Advertiser most of her adult life. I’ve written about Wanda Adams and her work on this blog.  Do take a look because she’s very special (and great on Hawaii, too).

The Advertiser is changing hands June 6. I have not received an offer from
the new entity and do not expect to as time is short.

I am interested in freelance, part-time or project-related work or the right
full-time job.

I can research, write, edit, manage projects, brainstorm, plan, do some
rudimentary food styling, shoot rudimentary food photos and say “Do you want
fries with that.”

If you hear of anything, please alert me or pass my info on to the person in

It has been nearly 40 years of delight and you were all part of it.

Mahalo piha and obrigado.

Wanda A.

If you have any leads, and with internet they don’t have to be in Hawaii, please respond directly to Wanda at wandaadams@clearwire.net or idasylva@aol.com

Second, one about Guanajuato

My name is Anthony. I am trying to find some info on my genealogy. My dad does not know much except that my Grandfather comes from a farming village in the State of Guanajuato. My grandfather come from a village in the mountains of Guanajuato called ” Magdaleno”. I was wondering if you have ever heard of that village and does it still exist or is it called something else. I tried emailing the University of Guanajuato and got no response. I would really like to find out about my mexican heritage. Would you be able to help me. Or do you know who I can contact to possible find out some info. My grandfather’s name was ” Magdaleno Juarez” He was from a small farming village of ” Magdaleno Mexico. He crossed into United States illegally I think back in 1924? He rode on the Railroad to cross United States border. Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope you can help me. Thanks and best regards Anthony Whatton………

Please reply directly to anthonyandtracy@msn.com

And third, Guanajuato again.

Hello – I am an MBA student doing research on access to safe drinking water in poor barrios in Leon or other Guanajuato cities.

I found your blog very useful for an overall history on Guanajuato.  Do you have connections with people, organizations, or businesses who may have information to help me?  My goal is to learn about the current access in order to develop a business plan that would create a microfranchise that sells affordable drinking water to low income populations in Guanajuato.

Anything you can offer will be much appreciated, thanks!


Believe it or not, I could not think of just the right person.  Any Guanajuato readers who can, please write to Faith directly at


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